Master in Digital Marketing

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 1.Digital Marketing Overview 

    What is marketing 

    What is digital marketing

    Marketing process

    Why digital marketing good

    Understanding digital marketing process

2.Website planning & Creation 

   Understanding websites

   Types of website

   Understanding hosting domain


   Wordpress installation

   Website designing

 3.Email Marketing 

   Why email marketing important

   How emails works

   Challenges facing in sending bulk Emails and overcome

   Setting up email marketing account

   What are autoresponders and settings

   Improving ROI and A/B testing

 4.Lead Generation 

   Understanding lead generation

   Why it’s important 

   Landing page

   Type of landing pages

   Best practice to create landing page

   Creating lead and nurturing

   Understanding lead funnels

5.Google AdWords 


   Understanding adwords algorithm

   Quality score

   Creating different type of ads

6.Compleat Google Tools analysis

   Google Analytics 

   Google search console

   Google my business

   Google trends

7.Social media Marketing


   Creating content for Social media


   Facebook Marketing

   Facebook Ads 

   Instagram Marketing

   Youtube Marketing

   Twitter & linkedin Marketing


8.Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)


   Search engines


   Keywords planner tool

   On page Technique

   Off page technique

9.Ecommerce marketing


   Top website around the world

   Seo for Ecommerce website

   E commerce marketing Strategies

   E commerce business

   Case studies

 10.Content Marketing 


   How to market your content

   20 way to write a magnetic headline

   Quora marketing 


11.Work on live projects

   Social media Ads campaign 

   Google ads 

   Performance Analysis


 12.Adsense & Blogging 

13. How To Grab Freelancing Projects?


Website Development

Social media marketer

SEO Executive Manager

PPC Executive/Manager

Email marketer

Work as Freelancer


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